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  • god’s eye characters

    god’s eye characters

    this post is an update on the God’s Eye project. we’re starting to work on building out the characters in Moho. in the process of developing our automated solutions, we start with the manual process. this is the only way to truly know what is required to complete a task, but the reality is we…

  • screenplay analyzers

    screenplay analyzers

    we’ve been building custom LLM-powered agents to perform a wide range of tasks and one of those is screenplay analysis. below are a few screenshots of log output from our agents as they are reading the screenplay text and extracting insights about the story, characters, location, dialogues and more.

  • face rigging..

    face rigging..

    continuing the journey of experimenting with rigging a 2D character.. below are a few outputs from my experiements

  • Meet Jetta

    Meet Jetta

    Check out Jetta’s character page

  • Meet Desmond

    Meet Desmond

    Check out Desmond’s character page