Author: khaos

  • Turtle Island TCC  Update

    Turtle Island TCC Update

    Here we have another update for the God’s Eye project, in which we’re still using the original audio track, but now we’re blessed with the artwork of Naz. note: this is still very early preview as we are working through the project.

  • xmas demo

    xmas demo

    autonomous agents using 100% local LLMs this is major milestone as we now have a starting point for a productive virtual agency solution that operates at cost of time and energy on local hardware. in this example i’ve provided a pretty complicated task of building another virtual agency. the results were impressive and a great…

  • character art update

    character art update

    here we have some of the character art by Naz for the God’s Eye interstitial.

  • december – demo

    december – demo

  • Turtle Island TCC – Thumbnails

    Turtle Island TCC – Thumbnails

    here is first set of thumbnails for our 3 min interstitial in production. it’s written and acted by Tanya Young as introduction to the God’s Eye animated series. the artwork is by Naz Zerai a very talented artist and the first lead animator at the studio

  • november –  demo

    november – demo

  • october – demo

    october – demo

  • oct – demo

  • may – demo

    may – demo

  • exciting and frightening times ahead

    this is my first post since starting on the goal of building this studio and company full time and i wanted to start to document the journey. i believe this will be helpful in numerous ways, from effecting the present and future, to looking back into the past from the future 🙂 .. so yeah…