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Situated in the heart of North Las Vegas, Nevada, Khaos Studio emerges as a beacon of innovative animation, operating under the auspices of its parent entity, Khaos Inc. This narrative underscores the intertwined visions of Khaos Studio and Khaos Inc, both endeavoring to decode the DNA of storytelling to craft compelling content for posterity.

Khaos Inc stands at the forefront of software and technological advancements aimed at delving into the core of storytelling. The company’s flagship product, the Khaos Machine, currently under rigorous development, embodies a suite of specialized engines destined to streamline and enhance various production facets within the realm of film and television.

Core Values

  • Excellence in storytelling.
  • Championing innovation within the domain of content creation.
  • Sculpting sustainable technological avenues for the animation and film industry.
  • Leveraging automation and generative AI to amplify creativity and efficiency.